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Same Class…Different Week

In the last couple of weeks, I have begun understanding why we needed to complete the workbook and Cengage assignments, and how the class builds off each other so dramatically. I didn’t initially believe it was all necessary and that the workload was virtually impossible to keep up with, however I have now begun to actually enjoy the class and how it is all coming together.

I just took my camera test, and now we are running through all of the parts of a show. My favorite part thus far is without a doubt being the talent and getting to observe all of the little details that get put together so differently to put on a show. The switcher is becoming easier to understand for me, but I know I still have a great learning curve to become very confident in working the switcher. I am also very excited to begin working and producing my ten-minute show, and thirty second commercial. My hope is that it comes out as a great success, I’ll keep you all updated.

In the meantime, I should let you all know that at the end of the semester, if you have or know anyone who wants to learn how to properly kick and play soccer, I will have a ten-minute show you can show them that will break it down in great detail.


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