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Another Week in Multimedia…

This past week the class picked up a little for me and we were given the opportunity to get a taste of what is too come in the second half of the semester once we have finished the workbook. We had the opportunity to go through studio control room practice. This allowed me to gain some insight on how the announcer, talent, audio engineer, and observers all play a role in the production process.

Although it may seem very basic, my favorite job during this studio practice was being the talent. However it is not for the reasons you might think. While being the talent and having the opportunity to sit back and watch the rest of the crew work so hard and put together all the little details that allow the talent to even be able to go on air and have a successful set, I gained a newfound respect for all the people who are involved in the production process and not just over crediting the talent. I will say that being the talent even in a studio control room practice set, was still very nerve racking and fun at the same time.

On the production side, I have enjoyed getting accompanied with audacity, mic checks, and the switcher board. These are all newish to me and I feel like I am grasping them very well so far, and that I am growing more comfortable with them and the class every week that goes by. While looking a little bit ahead, I would say I am nervous about the first exam, just because all of this is still so new to me and there are so many new terms I am trying to learn as well.


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