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Experimenting with Lighting

  • While experimenting with lighting, I choose to do four still shots of two different objects in my apartment.
  • The first is my lamp, I did two still shots. The first still shot of the lamp was without flash using only interior orange light. This made the photo look orange and the color of the lamp and walls look a bit faded. It also made the shadows much darker black. When I used the flash and it made the picture of the lamp much better in contrast. It became much whiter and shows colors much more clearly. It also faded out the shadow and made it much less noticeable.
  • The second is a football I have. When I took the first still shot without flash, it made the football really blend in with the dark brown carpet and also had the shadow really impact the visibility of the football itself. When I took another still shot of the football using flash, it really made the brown of the football and carpet differentiate. It also almost completely faded out the shadow of the football.
  • Attached below is the pictures I took.

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