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Well Multimedia Production…that’s a wrap

This class didn’t end quite as fast paced or high workload as we all may have anticipated, and I am certain that we as a class lost out on a load of important information, technical skills, and hands on learning. Fortunately for me, this class was just for my minor of Sports Communication and probably won’t be essential for me or my career in thee future. However, many of my classmates are Mass Communication and not Speech Communication majors and this class is vital for them. The upside is that none of them are graduating and will have the ability to catch up or fill in anything we were unable to learn or accomplish this semester.

On a positive note, i believe the workbooks played a very key role for me this semester and enhancing my knowledge on the terms and where everything goes on set and in the making of a production. I firmly believe and know this class has vastly enhanced my knowledge on multimedia production and will allow me to use the tools and knowledge i learned in the real world. For example, i have my own podcast show with my friends and the increased knowledge and usage of Audacity has also increased the quality of content we are creating.


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